​​Allergy Consultation and Testing in 5 Easy Steps:
Step 1 - BOOK ONLINE, or CALL US (619) 291-5800 or TEXT US (858) 255-0345 with questions. (Text not recommended for confidential info. When booking online, pick any health plan similar to yours and attach photos of your insurance card.  We'll do the rest!)

Step 2  - Complete our easy phone/tablet-friendly online web forms.  No paper on clipboards!
Step 3  - Review the visit (and testing if you want that) cost info we send you from your plan
Step 4  - Park for FREE for your organized, productive appointment. (Average in-person wait less than 4 min)
Step 5  - Understand your allergies and start your customized treatment plan​​! Head back to work within 90 min!

Comprehensive Allergy Testing and Customized Treatment, With Natural Options.

Helping You Understand Your Immune System and Take Control of your Health. 

San Diego Allergy Asthma & Immunology Consultants, Inc.

The red button below takes you to Zocdoc.com where you can BOOK ONLINE.


1.  Please see if your Allergy condition is mentioned on here: Adult & Pediatric Allergist 

2.  See below for IN-Network plans.

3On the Zocdoc app, just pick any health plan name that's close to yours and attach front/back photos of your card in the app.  We'll do the rest!  AND please tell us a bit about your symptoms/condition.

4.  Please expect to hear from us within a few business hours after booking.  We're here if you need anything in the meantime.  Text us at 858-255-0345 or email us at hello@allergyconsultants.org  (Please don't text or email any emergencies or confidential medical information.)

OK, go ahead and click the red button.  See you soon!​  Thanks!

Dr. Feigenbaum


In-Network Health Plan/Medical Group Participation 

(NPI  1639115652)

Don't have time to call your health plan?

We'll call your plan and email you a detailed explanation of any cost to you for a visit here.  (We can even patch you in on a conference call if you like!)


HMO:  MPMG--Mercy Physicians Medical Group (All HMO plans)

Anthem Blue Cross (almost always in-network with employer-sponsored group plans; sometimes in-network with "individual" plans; always
out-of-network with Covered CA plans)
Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Blue Shield of CA(almost always in-network with employer-sponsored group plans; sometimes in-network with "individual" plans; always out-of-network with Covered CA plans)
CA/AZ/Pacific Foundation
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
First Health
Great West
HealthNet (almost always IN-network, except community care/Covered CA)
Humana ChoiceCare

Scripps Employee
VA Choice ( the option for veterans to obtain healthcare outside the VA if waiting longer than 30 days for allergy care.)
And Others

Health Care Quality Ratings
--Aetna (Certified for Aetna Performance and Aetna Premier Care Networks)

--Cigna (Certified for Cigna Care Network (CCN)

We are out-of-network with:
Tricare as primary insurance, but patients may choose to see us out-of-network (Tricare Standard, etc.), or as secondary insurance to Medicare. 

We are out-of-network with Medi-Cal/Medicaid and Medi-Cal HMOs. We apologize but we cannot see patients out of network if they have these plans.